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Friday, June 17, 2016

CIWARS Daily Sahel Hermit Crab Climate Change Conflict

CIWARS Daily Sahel Taxonomy of Climate Change Conflict 

International donors are calling for two billion dollars in aid to the 4.5 million
people displaced in the Sahel.  The Sahel has suffered from a 5 year drought, desertification, poor governance, and at least five armed groups within an easy ride for an armed "technical vehicle".

CIWARS classes this as Hermit Crab Climate Change Conflict.  The Islamic State, Boko Haram, Islamic Maghreb and Al Qaeda found a natural home like a Hermit Crab looking for an empty shell.

Without adequate water, and governance it is unlikely this conflict will cease and perhaps that reality accounts for the fact that only $500 million in donations have been pledged.

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CIWARS Daily Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn

--> CIWARS Daily. What is the cost for not being prepared for the changing climate?
Year after year record high temperatures are being broken in large parts of the world and especially in SW USA.  At the same time, states like South Carolina and Texas have had record rain falls.  The United States has wasted valuable years not preparing for this disaster. The record temperatures will increase energy consumption, increase evaporation rates in the midst of a drought, will increase pollution because of the overheated atmosphere, and floods will destroy infrastructure that has been rated critically deficient for decades.
The United States continues to waste valuable time not building defenses against the affects of its changing climate.

In-depth coverage can be found at CIWARS.org

The Guardian "It is in my view highly unlikely that we would be seeing record drought, like we're seeing in California, record flooding in Texas, unprecedented wildfires in western North America, and the strongest recorded hurricanes in both the northern and ...

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CIWARS Daily Middle East worst hit by rise in sand and dust storms

CIWARS Daily. Sand Storms in Levant to Double in 10 Years. A combination of conflict, up stream dam building, and reduced rain fall will increase the number of sand storms in Kuwait and Iran from 120 year to 300 in ten years. Most of the sand is being blown from Syria and Iraq. This will have drastic affects on health and development in the region.

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CIWARS Daily Hidden Cost of Climate Change Floods

CIWARS Daily  Hidden Cost of Climate Change Related Disruption. In the rush to save human lives during Climate Change related drought and floods, the hidden impact of replacing infrastructure is beyond the reach of already struggling governments.  Bridges and roads must be replaced so that farmers can get crops to market and  help security forces maintain order.

For more in-depth information go to CIWARS

CIWARS Daily Malawi Under Pressure from Drought

CIWARS Daily Malawi joins the list of Southern Africa nations suffering from Climate Change drought. By some estimates there are 41 million people in need of food aid in the region.  Migration from Zimbabwe is already starting to overwhelm the region.


For more in-depth information go to CIWARS

CIWARS Daily Flooding in the Cape So Africa Adds to Misery from Climate Change

CIWARS Daily Alert Floods threaten more poor areas of South Africa in the Cape Region. By some estimates there are as many as 30 protests a day across South Africa. Climate Change through lack of electricity, food insecurity, and flooding has already overrun the dysfunctional ANC government.

CIWARS Daily Climate Change Hits Ghana

CIWARS Daily  Ghana has become highly vulnerable to Climate Change. Sea Level rise has forced tens of thousands off the coast, a major fresh water treatment plant is facing sea water encroachment, and now floods.  Ghana has shown great effort moving towards democracy and economic stability but Climate Change threatens to undo this progress.

For Detail Information go to CIWARS
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CIWARS Daily Brexit Could Send South Africa Over the Edge

CIWARS Daily  As the world becomes more interconnected any disruption in the traditional trade flows or money supply can be the final effort that breaks vulnerable countries.  South Africa beset by service outages, protests, political corruption, drought, electric shortages now face the possibility that the Brexit would disrupt its trade flow in an economy that has fallen to zero growth.

For in-depth coverage to CIWARS
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CIWARS Daily 41 Million Need Food in Southern Africa

CIWARS Daily Africa is facing a level of food insecurity not seen in modern times. South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia are all facing extreme food shortages. At the same time protests continue to disrupt South Africa's economy and Zimbabwe verges on economic collapse.

CIWARS Daily Lower NZ beef kills, short Aussie supply fuels rise in grinding meat price - Beef Central


Climate Change continues to disrupt food security world wide.  Shortages of grain and beef will increase world wide food costs and hinder aid efforts.  Many areas now face flooding to disrupt grain production and extreme heat limits beef production.  Expect higher commodity prices worldwide in the next year.

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CIWARS Daily Zimbabwe's Mugabe says "surrogate currency" will prevent dollar outflow - CNBC Africa

CIWARS Daily Southern Africa is roiled by economic problems from drought and mismanagement.  Zimbabwe is experiencing the mass exodus of people and currency.  This is the first step to a return to the hype inflation and the final destruction of Zimbabwe.  The affect on the region will be compounded because South Africa and other Southern African nations are suffering drought and economic problems.

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CIWARS Daily Why the Sea of Galilee's Level Is a Problem for Jordan

--> CIWARS Daily View: Water Conflict Jordan Israel

CIWARS has always seen the conflict in the West Bank to be a water issue and not just a land issue.  Area C is the prime Jordan Valley water shed and this is vital to the survival of Israel, Jordan and Israel.

Haaretz Moreover, climate change scientists believe the entire area of North Africa and the Levant will undergo accelerated desertification, a process that has clearly begun.

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For more information see CIWARS. http://ciwars.org

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Asian millers face tight feed grain supply as rain disrupts Argentinaexports

CIWARS Daily View:  More disruption of grain supply for a world suffering from drought.
Argentina is recovering from a multi-year drought and now La Nina rains may disrupt a much needed grain harvest for Argentina and other parts of the world in desperate need of grain because of  a spreading worldwide drought.

MoreDaily Mail But as those stocks dwindle, Asian feed makers are set to feel the pinch from tightening supply, likely boosting benchmark prices already driven up by unfavourable crop conditions in South America. Chicago soymeal futures have surged more than 50 ...

More information at CIWARS http://ciwars.org

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Corn Belt Could Have ‘Flash Drought’ This Summer, U.S. Says - Bloomberg

CIWARS View Droughts are having consequences beyond national borders. Brazil and much of Latin America is suffering devastating drought and corn shipments have just started to Brazil. Although the United States has significant production capacity it also is being pulled by the need of 40 million people in Africa needing desperate aid also. Any disruption of that process could produce a domino affect of failure.

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Full Coverage at CIWARS Climate Change Conflict Watch