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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Namibia Suspends Pork Imports

CIWARS Daily, Namibia suspends pork imports form South Africa because of a swine flu outbreak. The entire region is in financial turmoil and this will only further the economic problems of the region if this outbreak extends beyond the Cape and the Free State as first reported.
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CIWARS Daily Le Monde report 6 to 9 million deaths a year from air pollution

CIWARS DAILY  By 2060, air pollution will cost the world 1 percent off the global Gross National Product.  This will result from six to nine million premature deaths a year and the cost will be $2.6 billion dollars from those deaths.  China will suffer a 2.6% loss, Russia 1.6 % and the Caspian Region 3.1 %.

These deaths will coincide with rising sea levels of a meter and drought in food growing regions.

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Venezuela Drought Aggravates Instability - Circle of Blue

CIWARS Daily: Venezuela Without Electricity Descends Into Chaos
Venezuela has received less than 65 percent of its normal rainfall and the world's third largest hydro electric plant--The Guri Station--which produces 60 percent of the nation's power has fallen quiet.  The country is roiled by political opposition, riots, demonstrations and looting.  Without power,  workers are on a limited work schedule and the price of food has skyrocketed.

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Local pollutants blamed for Himalayan climate change - SciDev.Net South Asia

CIWARS Daily Another Local Glacier Retreats
As the scientific community is focused on Greenland and Antartica melting, more reports come in that local glaciers are retreating in Pakistan and now the Himalayan Mountains.  It all adds to the evidence of a global retreat of glaciers from the last mini-ice age.  As the local glaciers melt it will add to the risk of flooding in neighboring countries.

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CIWARS Daily Climate Change Conflict Heavy Rains Expose Pipeline

Heavy rains and flooding exposed the Western pipeline in British Columbia Canada and forced a temporary closing of production.   Extreme weather has racked much of the Northwest North America and this incident raises the question of the vulnerability of crude oil pipeline infrastructure in the increasing extreme weather.

Floods, political change hamper Myanmar growth: World Bank, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

CIWARS Daily. Myanmar growth hampered by Climate Change and Political Transition
Myanmar's economy has fallen by 1.5 percent since last year because of the political transition and heavy monsoon rains. It will remain an effective laboratory to watch
the impact of extreme weather and a new civilian government trying to
establish itself.

Torrential rain in Singapore causes flash floods, fallen trees - Channel NewsAsia

It is rainy season again in SE Asia.  Singapore has one of the best governments and infrastructures
in the region so it will serve as a good bellweather for extreme weather events
that will affect the region.

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