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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Student Protests Make a Return in Sudan

CIWARS Daily Reports of return of student protest movement
There are active reports of both the Sudanese Communist Party and Darfur
Student League joining forces to protest the government of Sudan.   The Sahel and East Africa is grown zero for climate change in Africa.

More information  CIWARS


Venezuela Suffering from Drought Faces Massive Looting

CIWARS Daily Venezuela suffering from drought and mismanagement sees massive looting in Cumana
Order has broken down as Venezuelans loot for food with reports that 87 percent of the people feel they do not have food.
More Information at CIWARS


Algerian Military Kills 12 Islamist Fighters Over Weekend

CIWARS DailyAlgerian Troops kill 12 Islamist Fights 53 miles from capital
Fighters belong to Daesh and Al Qaeda This is on going with by CIWARS count at least 20 killed this month. This is important because of the ongoing drought and fighting in the Sahel.

Turkish border guards 'kill 11 Syrian refugees

CIWARS Daily Human Rights Group Report Turkish border guards indiscriminately shooting and kill 11 Syrian refugees at Khirbet al Jouz

Namibia: Red Cross in Dire Need of Funds to Supply Drought Aid

CIWARS Daily Urgent Call for Drought Funds Namibia
Namibia Red Cross has only meet 15% of its drought relief fund. According to its estimates there are 560,000 people in need of food.


IRIN recaps Ethiopia's Drought. Is it Accurate?

CIWARS Daily  Is this IRIN Recap accurate?
This report seems to be at odds with other reports.  Even the number of affected is different than other reports.  In addition, the ongoing violence is not discussed. In some ways it reads like a public relations piece for Ethiopia.  What is the truth?

| Ethiopia survives its great drought, but a way of life may not 

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Chatham House Is DRC headed for another war?


CIWARS Daily DRC a New Civil War. Impact on Envrionment and Migrants

Chatham House asks if the DRC is headed for a new civil war and the CIWARS response is: NEW?
Anyone who has spent any time in the DRC would probably even contest the idea that the DRC is a country.  The issue here is violence in the Eastern Congo and the humanitarian impact and the environmental impact. Each humanitarian crisis stretches the world's response capabilities even further.
See CIWARS Conflict Monitor

Is the Democratic Republic of Congo Heading for Another Civil War? | Chatham House from SAIS African Studies's Tweet

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Increased Air Pollution Nairobi

CIWARS Daily  Nairobi Air pollution increasing
Air pollution is another factor that adds to civil unrest and the overall feeling that the government is incapable of managing the country.

For more information CIWARS

Standard Digital News :: uReport | Poor air quality that hangs over us in Nairobi from The Standard Digital's Tweet

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Early End to Rain Adds to Kenya's problems

CIWARS Daily Kenya Rains Stopped Early
As its neighbor's face drought and strife Kenya, the jewel of Africa, is facing an early end of the rainy season and loss of food supply.  Kenya roiled by political dissent, corruption, and pressured by Al Shabab to the north will face a rocky future unless early steps are taken.  However, CIWARS believes this is unlikely. Kenya is an important transit point for much of East Africa.  A broken Kenya is a broken East Africa.

For more Information CIWARS

Kenya : Kenyan farmers brace for the worst as rains stop mid season - Standard Digital News from The Standard Digital's Tweet

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Zimbabwe: Excellent Recap Political Dissent in Zimbabwe

This article is an excellent recap of the state of political dissent in Zimbabwe.  What is important is that it recognizes the decades long veneer of fear and repression is about to break wide open.

 For more information go to CIWARS

Ethiopia government Brutal Crackdown on Protestors Amidst Drought

CIWARS Daily Human Rights Watch highlights the brutal crack down on protestors in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is facing a massive drought with perhaps 10 million people starving, and the same time civil society has broken down with land grabs by the elite sparking protests and killings.

For more information go to CIWARS

The Rights Weekender | Human Rights Watch from Human Rights Watch's Tweet

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Death of Mugabe will Set Off Regional Disaster

CIWARS Daily The wheels have been coming off Zimbabwe for years.  No sooner  had it  recovered from the much needed but disastrous  land reform tanking its economy than a long term drought set in.  Zimbabwe is on the verge of another hype-inflation with its currency today becoming close to worthless on the market. Since civil society has been suppressed for decades the death of Mugabe will set off a regional-wide disaster on the size of the DRC.

For more information go to CIWARS.org

Old rivals, new threats: Zimbabwe's politicians ready themselves for Mugabe's death | World news | The Guardian from SAIS African Studies's Tweet

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