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Monday, June 20, 2016

So Africa Over a dozen buses torched in Mamelodi

JOHANNESBURG – The violent protests in Tshwane have spread to Atteridgville this evening, as an angry group has set over a dozen buses alight and blocked the main entrance into the township with rocks and burning tyres.
Reports suggest entrances into Atteridgeville, the current Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa’s home town, are blocked with burning tyres and rocks.

Protests have flared up in the city over the African National Congress (ANC)'s decision to put forward Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate.


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PTA Protests: Mayor’s hometown latest hit by violent demonstrations

JOHANNESBURG – There are reports of fresh protests in Pretoria, allegedly over the African National Congress’s (ANC) decision to put forward Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate for Tshwane. 
The latest flare up is in current Mayor Kgosientsho Ramokgopa’s home town, Atteridgeville.


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Malawi: Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Angry Customers Queuing to Buy Maize At Admarc Depots

Malawi Police in Nsanje and Chikhwawa on Monday fired teargas to disperse angry customers at two different Admarc depots, just a month after people harvested maize from their gardens.
There was stampede, shovelling and pushing as people wanted to buy maize at Mapelera Admarc depot in Nsanje.
The people accused staff of hoarding 300 bags of maize in order to sell to vendors.
Nsanje Police Officer in Charge Macmillan Nyirongo confirmed the police fired tear gas in order to bring order after the situation, he said, went out of hand.
At Nchalo in Chikhwawa, there was a similar situation and police had to be called to control the situation.

Ghana: Floods Leave Many Dead in Southern Ghana

CIWARS Daily Heavy Flooding in Southern Ghana

Four days of heavy and steady rain has left at least 10 people dead in the south of Ghana. The streets of Accra have been left under water after the torrential downpours caused widespread flooding earlier this week.
The nation's capital was hit bit 185mm of rain on Sunday, which is more than they would expect for the entire month of June. This is the wettest month of the year with an average rainfall of 178mm.
Since the weekend a further 50mm of rain has fallen exacerbating the severe problems already faced. President John Dramani Mahama has surveyed the areas concerned. He was reported to have driven through several neighbourhoods on a motorcycle.


Burundi: Children in Prison for 'Insulting' President -

CIWARS Daily Political dissent suppressed in Burundi

SOME schoolchildren could spend up to ten years in prison following their arrest for allegedly defacing pictures of Pierre Nkurunziza in their books.
Aged between 14 and 19, they face charges of "insulting" the president.
The children are among many political prisoners that remain in jail and that a new pattern of mass arrests has emerged recently, mostly affecting ordinary people.
The violations emerged following a just-concluded visit by a team of human rights experts of the United Nations Independent Investigation on Burundi (UNIIB) to the troubled central African country.


Malawi: Challenges Abound for Refugees

CIWARS Climate Refugees in Malawi

 WFP's monthly distributions cover about 90 percent of food consumed by refugees. Without new contributions, WFP faces critical shortfalls that will aggravate the already fragile food security situation of Dzaleka camp.
Dzaleka Refugee Camp - Malawi's primary hosting ground for refugees - has swelled to nearly 27,000 people as more and more cross the Malawian border in hope of escaping political insecurity in their home countries. Recent unrest across the border in Mozambique has resulted in an influx of about 8,000 Mozambicans seeking refuge in Malawi, with most of them in Mwanza and Neno districts.


Zimbabwe: I'm On My Way Out - Mugabe

CiWARS Daily  Should Zimbabwe brace for Mugabe Exit
President Robert Mugabe yesterday told thousands of children attending celebrations to mark the Day of the African Child in Harare that he is on his way out and wants his successors to do a better job.
Mugabe the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence 36 years ago -- has used all manner of tactics to cling to power, including alleged violence against political opponents and electoral fraud.

RD Congo : les ex-rebelles du M23 réclament un meilleur programme de démobilisation

L’ex-rébellion congolaise du Mouvement du 23-Mars (M23) réclame, dans un communiqué diffusé vendredi 17 juin, un nouveau programme de désarmement, démobilisation et réinsertion (DDR) pour les miliciens ou anciens combattants des groupes armés en République démocratique du Congo.
« Les graves incidents mortels à répétition, l’incapacité du gouvernement à faire aboutir son propre programme, les mauvaises conditions de vie entretenues dans les centres de démobilisation ont transformé ces lieux en véritables mouroirs », souligne Bertrand Bisimwa, le président du M23. Une référence aux heurts survenus mercredi à Kamina, dans le sud-est de la RDC, à l’occasion d’une manifestation d’ex-rebelles cantonnés dans un camp DDR.

En savoir plus sur http://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2016/06/17/rd-congo-les-ex-rebelles-du-m23-reclament-un-meilleur-programme-de-demobilisation_4952931_3212.html#qM2cEToVCZKT8xPt.99

Lethal Government Force Brings Ethiopian Region to Fearful Standstill

GINCHI, Ethiopia — In a grassy field, a group of would-be 12th graders kills time under the midday sun.
No one is going to school anymore, out of fear. In a town crawling with federal and local police officers, even talking in a large group can be dangerous, the young men say.
Seven months ago, protests erupted here in Oromia, a vast region in central Ethiopia that surrounds the capital, Addis Ababa, on all sides.
Since then, more than 400 people have died, with thousands wounded and tens of thousands arrested in a campaign marked by the “lethal force” of the Ethiopian security forces, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. Nearly all of those killed were civilians, it found.


Uganda Arrests Dozens of Military Leaders Accused of Plotting Coup

KAMPALA, Uganda — Dozens of military officers in Uganda, including some senior ones, have been arrested over an alleged plot to overthrow the longtime president, Yoweri Museveni, a Ugandan military official said Sunday.
More officers were being arrested over suspected acts of subversion after a colonel with the country’s air forces was detained on Saturday, the military spokesman, Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda, said.
The officers are suspected of having links to an opposition lawmaker, Michael Kabaziguruka, who is being questioned by the police over similar allegations, Colonel Ankunda said.
Mr. Kabaziguruka is a close ally of the opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, who was charged with treason after a disputed presidential election in February. Mr. Besigye, claiming that he had won the election, refused to accept the official results, which gave victory to Mr. Museveni. Election observers said the polls had been marred by many irregularities.

Pollution Causes 9% deaths in France

Air pollution causes 48,000 deaths each year in France. 

La pollution de l’air est responsable de 48 000 morts chaque année en France. Une nouvelle « évaluation quantitative d’impact sanitaire », publiée mardi 21 juin par Santé publique France (agence issue de la fusion, le 3 mai, de l’Institut de veille sanitaire avec d’autres organismes), rappelle que la pollution atmosphérique constitue bel et bien un problème de santé publique. A l’origine de 9 % des morts annuelles en France, les particules fines d’un diamètre inférieur à 2,5 micromètres – les fameuses PM2,5, qui pénètrent profondément dans le système respiratoire et provoquent de nombreuses pathologies – entraînent une perte d’espérance de vie à 30 ans pouvant dépasser deux ans dans les villes les plus polluées.
En savoir plus sur http://www.lemonde.fr/pollution/article/2016/06/21/la-pollution-de-l-air-est-responsable-de-9-de-la-mortalite-en-france_4954518_1652666.html#Mqgeixd2SFkMRfjM.99

En savoir plus sur http://www.lemonde.fr/pollution/article/2016/06/21/la-pollution-de-l-air-est-responsable-de-9-de-la-mortalite-en-france_4954518_1652666.html#Mqgeixd2SFkMRfjM.99

Chissano draws ACP-EU parliamentarians to climate change debate

CIWARs Daily

Chissano made the remarks last Wednesday during the 31st session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of nations and European Union (ACP-EU) Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA).

The impact of disasters in Asia Pacific on schools and children | Reuters


BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A greater humanitarian focus on schools before, during and after natural disasters will save lives, protect children and benefit communities and countries, Save the Children says in a report due out this week.


West Africa's Cocoa Plant in Drought and Cocoa Prices

n Ghana, the lack of rainfall is severely threatening the country’s staple crop of cocoa. Cocoa plantations in Ghana are struggling due to sustained West African drought, the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)warned.
Extreme weather conditions, resulting from the severe Harmattan winds within the West African region, combined with the impact of El Niño, have negatively affected the 2015-16 harvests,” the ICCO said.
“Persistent dry weather conditions are reported to have been affecting the development of the mid crop harvest in West Africa,” the ICCO said.
In Ivory Coast, the Harmattan is a notoriously  hot and dry wind blowing in from the Sahara, and has a terrible impact of destruction and damage to cocoa yields. This current Harmattan is said to be among the strongest in three decades.
The ICCO elaborated today that  67,000 tonnes, to 180,000 tonnes, in its forecast for the world cocoa production fell deficit in 2016-17 and confirmed that the revision reflected largely weaker harvest prospects in West Africa. This is a crippling blow to the African economy, as West Africa is responsible for more than 70% of global contribution of the popular plant.
The El Nino weather pattern, meanwhile, often brings dry weather to West Africa
Harvest typically begins in May, however due to the poor rainfall has yet to commence.
In Ghana, cocoa farmers are reported to be in dire need of rainfall for the vital development of the mid-crop.The persistent dryness is said to have lowered the survival rate of flowers andcherelles, or small pods.
The ICCO cut its world production forecast for 2015-16, which started in October, by 115,000 tonnes to 4.04m tonnes, reflecting largely a 95,000-tonne downgrade to expectations for overall African output.

CIWARs Daily Freak rainstorms wreak havoc in Niger desert

NIAMEY: Unusually heavy rains in Niger's desert north in recent days have killed thousands of goats and cattle, gutted homes and stores, and left three people dead, national television said Monday.
"Torrential rains caused severe damage and three dead in Bazagor", a town in the northwestern province of Tchintabaradene, and destroyed 100 stores and 100 homes, said Tele Sahel.
In Ingal, near the northern city of Agadez, "85mm of rain fell in two hours" on June 14, though yearly rainfall is rarely over 100 to 130 millimetres there.
Hundreds of people have been left homeless in the past days with more than 8,000 goats, sheep, cattle and camel killed in the area, where animal corpses are visible over 20km, television footage showed.
Sub-Saharan Niger, a vast arid nation, regularly suffers food shortages due to drought.
But early this month the UN warned of floods in 2016 affecting the livelihoods of more than 100,000 people.
Climate change has wrought havoc in Niger, bringing floods, droughts, spikes in temperature and food shortages — buffeting the lives and livelihoods of millions of the country's farmers.
Flooding in 2012 killed more than 100 people, affected more than half a million Nigerians and caused at least €135 million (RM619.17 million) worth of damage, according to the disaster prevention office.
Floods similarly killed dozens of people and affected hundreds of thousands in 2014 and 2015.
Global warming is only worsening the problems, with the steadily encroaching desert now covering three-quarters of Niger. — AFP

Egypt Declining Currency Reserves

Egypt suffers from declining foreign currency reserves


Egyptian illicit currency dealers circumvent the banking regulations and use multiple visa cards to withdraw as much dollars as they can outside the country from their domestic bank accounts, using the dollar hike and the rate gap to make large profits.

The Central Bank of Egypt has been suffering declining foreign currency reserves over the past five years of political turmoil, falling from 36 billion U.S. dollars in early 2011 to 17.5 billion dollars as of end of May 2016.

The recent dollar hike made the dollar jump to be worth about 8.85 pounds in the official market and about 11 pounds in the black market, making the largest hike and the biggest exchange rate gap in the Egyptian modern history.

http://www.egyptdailynews.com/egypt daily news egyptdailynews 20 June Egypt suffers.htm

What could a La Nina shift mean for US crop production?

By Aerin Curtis, 18-Jun-2016
As the weather phenomenon known as El Nino ends, a shift to a La Nina cycle may happen, says the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


Another Anti-Mugabe Protest Surfaces In Bulawayo

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu
Harare, June 17, 2016 - A campaign demanding President Robert Mugabe's government to deliver on its mandate which has seen activists stage night vigils at Africa Unity Square in Harare, has now been taken to the country's second largest city, Bulawayo where a group of activists are now "occupying" the grounds at Bulawayo City Hall.
The campaign, started by abducted journalist turned activist Itai Dzamara in October 2014, was recently taken up by a group of Harare youths led by the Zimbabwe Activists Alliance.
The activists were arrested nearly half way into a 16 day night vigil on alleged robbery and obstruction of justice, charges which they insist were concocted by the state to stop their protests.

For more information see CIWARS

Drought Forces the Sale of Elephants in National Preserves

CIWARS Daily Drought Zimbabwe has started selling off its elephants and other wild life in its national game parks to save them from the drought. 

Mozambique Renamo Accepts Outside Meditator Amidst Drought

CIWARS Daily Mozambique decides to accept outside mediation
Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi has accepted the presence of foreign mediators in talks to end his country’s conflict, in a move welcomed by the leader of rebel movement Renamo, according to the state news agency.
At a rally in the southern city of Matola last week, Nyusi abandoned the government’s longstanding opposition to foreign mediation in talks with Renamo.
The rebel group, which is also the official opposition in Mozambique, never completely disarmed after a civil war with the governing Frelimo party and launched a low-level guerrilla campaign in late 2012.
Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama said he was pleased by Nyusi’s move. He said that he and the president agreed that guns would not solve Mozambique's problems.
Discussions in the presence of foreign mediators could start as next week, Dhlakama added, saying that Renamo’s preferred mediators were the Catholic Church, the European Union and the South African government.

Recap of Brazil Impeachment Process

CIWARs Daily Summary of Impeachment Process in Brazil
Brazil has been suffering from economic collapse, drought and corruption. It appears after months of protest Brazil will take a peaceful path to revoluton.

Five officers killed in grenade attack Kenya

CIWARS Daily 5 Kenyan police officers killed by grenade on Somali border.  Somalia is a continued disruption in the region with Kenya hosting Somali refugees and adds an additional level of instability in a country racked by drought in the northwest.

600,000 face hunger as drought hits West Pokot

CIWARS Daily 600,000 in need of food in West Pokot This region has suffered from multi-year drought and is largely populated by pastoral tribes.  Food aid has been designated but the government has yet to release it.

Nearly 50 die in Indonesia landslides.

CIWARS Daily. Rainy season in Indonesia again brings devastating floods. Because of La Nina effect this might be one of the worst seasons yet.


Nearly three million people need food aid in drought-hit Central America

CIWARS Daily 3.5 million need food from drought in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
and 1.5 million in Haiti


Temperatures Rise Above 110 Degrees in India and Algeria - 24/7 Wall St.


Number of Fatalities from Sri Lanka Floods Rises Beyond 100 | TIME

CIWARS Daily  Recap of May Floods in Sri Lanka killed 100


Armed Group Takes Over Venezuela's Largest Food Producer

CIWARS Daily  Venezuela Armed Group Takes over largest food producer

Polar has been shut down for years because of a lack of money to buy grain from the international markets. Venezuela is racked by drought protests and looting.

More Information at CIWARS



Drought Reduces Mexico’s Agricultural Production by 40%

CIWARS Daily  Drought has gripped 22 of 32 Mexican states. Agriculture has dropped by 40 percent.  The Mexican government is responding with food aid but also brutality towards anyone who protests.  Most reports indicate the drought will continue through the summer growing season. 

Is Mexico the Next Venezuela?

CIWARS Daily Is Mexico the Next Venezuela?
5 teachers killed and 45 wounded in demonstrations in Oaxaca. The violence continues by Mexican government. Drought has reduced Mexico's farm output by 40 percent. It is clear that the Mexican government will respond with violence to any demands by its citizens.  Is Mexico the next Venezuela?

More information at CIWARS