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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

$77 Billion Worth Of San Francisco Property Could Be Underwater

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(French) Mali Niger border hot bed conflict terrorism

Le Monde.fr

CIWARS DailyArticle explains why area of Mali and Niger is ripe for terrorists

Mali-Niger : une frontière entre conflits communautaires, rébellion et djihad

Yvan Guichaoua, chercheur à l'université de Kent, à Bruxelles, explique comment l'instrumentalisation de différends liés au bétail a fait le lit du « terrorisme ».
| 20.06.2016 à 11:34

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Niger 34 migrants found dead in desert

Le Monde.fr
CIWARS Daily   34 migrants found dead in desert. Niger

Niger : trente-quatre migrants retrouvés morts dans le désert

Trente-quatre personnes, dont vingt enfants, ont été abandonnées par des passeurs dans ce pays considéré comme un pivot des routes migratoires vers l'Europe.
| 16.06.2016 à 10:15

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Iran Dust Storms Increasing Impact on Solar Energy

CIWARS Daily  Dust storms also hinder the production of solar energy because of constant need to clean the panels to maintain efficiency.  This could have a follow on impact on energy production.

Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia are the three countries which have always been a source of such unpleasant storms for Iran. Unfortunately recurrent periods of drought and climate change and wars have worsened the situation over the past years.
Over an emergency meeting attended by ministers of interior, health, agriculture, defense, and transport, as well as some other high ranking officials, the crisis management organization’s director, Esmaeil Najjar, announced that as 80 percent of the dust storms hotspots are mostly located in neighboring countries, the issue must be dealt with internationally.

Ethiopia Food Reserve Under Pressure

CIWARS Daily  CIWARS finds it interesting the recent public relationships effort by the United Nations to say there is no longer a problem in Ethiopia but at the same time the government will triple their food reserve.  At the same time migrants continue to flee government mass killings. CIWARS keeps asking what is the reality on the ground in Ethiopia?

The Government of Ethiopia has supplied 627,000 metric tons (MT) of food aid to affected areas since the outbreak of the current drought and 222,000MT of food aid in the second phase of relief response.
People in Oromia, Amhara, Southern Nations and Nationalities, Afar, Beshangul Gumuz and Gambella regions have benefited from the food aid, according to official sources.
For the next phase, the government aims to supply close to 500,000MT of food aid.

Nigeria:Niger Delta Avengers Denies Truce With Nigerian Govt

The Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group that has claimed responsibility for several attacks on oil and gas installations across Nigeria's delta states, on Tuesday, restated its position that it had not entered into any ceasefire agreement with the Nigerian government.

South Africa continues downward spiral of drought and vandalism of water infrastructure

CIWARS Daily  South Africa continues it downward spiral with its combination of drought and vandalism of the water infrastructure. 

Shami Harichunder, spokesman for bulk supplier Umgeni Water, said they had been forced to reduce potable water production at a number of their plants in the province.
Water production at the Hazelmere - which supplies parts of north Durban - and Ixopo water treatment plants had been cut by half. And a 15% reduction was in place at Midmar, DV Harris, Durban Heights, Wiggins, and eManzimtoti treatments plants.
“Government-gazetted restrictions of 50% are in place in the north of eThekwini and iLembe, and there are 15% restrictions at uMgungundlovu, Msunduzi, the rest of eThekwini and north of Ugu.
“To ensure there remains enough water in dams until the next rains, water restrictions and a reduction in consumption by consumers are necessary,” Harichunder said on monday.

Ghana restricts political space as wracked by Climate Change

CIWARS Daily  Ghana restricts political space in the name of peace and security. Ghana is facing key Climate Change migration from the north to the south at the same time loss of sea level rise forcing migrants into the capital. CIWARS' research shows that an open political space is vital during extreme disruptions and this move will not benefit Ghana in the long term.

NEW YORK | ACCRA (IDN) - Ghanaians who use social media could find themselves staring at a blank screen instead of Facebook or Twitter under a plan now being considered by Ghana’s Police Service (GPS).
Superintendent Cephas Arthur, Public Affairs director of the GPS, said that blocking Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets during the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections would be in the best interests of the nation. Such a ban would not infringe on people’s rights, he said, but would promote peace and ensure a violence-free election, he claimed.


ISIS Declares War On The Philippines In Latest Beheading Video - Vocativ - Linkis.com

ISIS released a new propaganda video Tuesday, which includes the beheading of three men and a call for jihad against the largely Christian Philippines, where the terror group’s presence has been growing in recent months.