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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Germany’s Energy Transition: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Inter Press Service

COLOGNE, Germany, Jul 19 2016 (IPS) - Immerath, 90 km away from the German city of Cologne, has become a ghost town. The local church bells no longer ring and no children are seen in the streets riding their bicycles. Its former residents have even carried off their dead from its cemetery.

When it Comes to Rising Sea Levels, Coronado Is Treading Water - Voice of San Diego

Some coastal cities are rushing to prepare for rising sea levels, but Coronado – surrounded almost entirely by the ocean and a bay – is not one of them.
Sea-level rise could affect what's on Coronado already, as well as future development in the city and Navy property. 

Nicolas Maduro's Venezuela sees exodus amid rampant crime, scarcity of basic necessities - Washington Times

Far from the streets of Caracas, political leaders and ordinary citizens across South America are waging an increasingly quixotic battle to curtail the ripple effects of Venezuela's economic and social meltdown.
For years on end, chronic shortages of consumer goods and rampant violent crime have turned emigration guides into best-sellers in bookstores across Venezuela. And with the government of populist President Nicolas Maduro now unable to guarantee a steady supply of even basic food, household staples and medicine, the estimated number of 1.5 million Venezuelans living abroad likely will increase in the coming months.

Al-Qaeda said to urge attacks on Israeli athletes at Rio games | The Times of Israel

al-Qaeda jihadist group has reportedly issued a directive urging its followers to carry out lone wolf attacks against Israeli athletes at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Armenia police detain protestors who support hostage takers

Armenian police have detained more than 130 people as hundreds of demonstrators gathered to support gunmen holding several hostages in a police station in the capital, Yerevan. Yerevan Jirair Sefilian Serzh Sargsyan Nagorno-Karabakh.

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UK Hate Crimes Increase 400 plus since Brexit

British police say that the result of the country’s vote to leave the European Union has "unleashed" more hate crimes perpetrated in the United Kingdom.
According to a London police senior official speaking on Tuesday, over 400 people suspected of committing hate crimes have been arrested since the result of the EU referendum, announced on June 24, a figure which is double the number of offenses before the Leave vote. police EU Brexit Craig Mackey hate crimes

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us citizens warned in saudi arabia

The US State Department has warned American citizens in Saudi Arabia of an “imminent” threat," advising them to practice extra vigilance until further notice. Saudi Arabia Terror Daesh Travel Warning

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Zimbabwe war veterans end backing for Robert Mugabe - BBC News

Zimbabwe's war veterans association, which has played a key and sometimes violent role in supporting President Robert Mugabe, has released a statement withdrawing its backing for him. 
It accuses Mr Mugabe of dictatorial tendencies, egocentrism and misrule.

Torrential rain, flooding hits Beijing, disrupts traffic | CCTV America

Heavy rainfall rarely seen in years hit Beijing on Wednesday, with traffic on the rails, roads and in the skies disrupted.
The capital raised its storm alert to orange, the second-highest of China's four-tier warning system, as the city's meteorological station forecast that the rain would continue until Wednesday night.

Austria announces plan to build huge border fence to stop migrants as Schengen crumbles

Engineers in the central European state have finalised plans for the vast barrier, which would stretch along its entire southern border with Hungary. 
Austria has repeatedly clashed with Brussels over its clampdown on illegal migration and has already put a daily cap on the number of people who can claim asylum. 

Live updates: Zanu PF protest - NewsDay Zimbabwe

ZANU PF youths recently threatened a series of protests against pro-democracy activists starting today in response to a rise in citizen inspired movements that have been successfully using social media to galvanise people to question the government over corruption and the economy.
Updates by Obey Manayiti and Compilation and editing by John Mokwetsi

Live updates: Zanu PF protest

POS Data breach hits 140 Cicis restaurants.

(National) Data breach hits 140 Cicis restaurants. Cicis
restaurant reported July 19 that its point-of-sale (PoS) systems at 140 restaurant

locations were compromised after a March 2016 investigation revealed that attackers installed malware in its PoS systems in order to collect customers’ payment information. Officials stated select restaurant locations were breached in 2015, while most attackers gained access to the PoS systems in 2016.
Source: http://www.securityweek.com/data-breach-hits-140-cicis-restaurants 

DDoS attack takes down U.S. Congress Web for three days

DDoS attack takes down U.S. Congress Web site for three days. A U.S. Library of Congress spokesperson reported that the U.S. Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office, and U.S. Congress Web sites were inaccessible July 17 – July 20 following a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack involving a type of Domain Name System (DNS) attack that affected the infrastructure of the server hosting the Web sites. Officials reported the Web sites have recovered and no other U.S. Government portals appear to have been affected by the attack.
Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ddos-attack-takes-down-us-congress-website- for-three-days-506451.shtml 

Conservative groups against USA Republican climate denialism The Guardian

Conservative and free-market groups have staged a rearguard effort to get the Republican party to accept the dangers of climate change, criticizing climate denialism within the GOP and Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

Bar-S Foods Company Listeria Chicken Pork

  1. (National) Bar-S Foods Company recalls -3-
page3image20224 page3image20384 page3image20544 page3image20704 page3image20864 page3image21024 page3image21184 page3image21344 page3image21504 page3image21664 page3image21824 page3image21984 page3image22144

chicken and pork hot dog and corn dog products due to possible Listeria contamination. Bar-S Foods Company issued a recall July 19 for approximately 372,684 pounds of its chicken and pork hot dog and corn dog products sold in 5 variations due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination after recurring Listeria species were found at the firm. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions and the products were distributed to retail locations nationwide. Source: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/recalls-and-public-health- alerts/recall-case-archive/archive/2016/recall-061-2016-release 

Listeria Risk Cappuccino Ice Cream Agave Dream

  1. (National) Agave Dream recalls Cappuccino Ice Cream because of possible health risk. Agave Dream, Inc., issued a recall July 19 for 389 cases of its Cappuccino Ice Cream products due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination after routine sampling revealed that the finished ice cream products contained Listeria. The company has ceased the production and distribution of the products and no illnesses were reported in connection with the products which were distributed to select retail stores nationwide.

Brussels starts work on stricter CO2 targets for vehicles

Brussels will tighten CO2 targets for cars and vans from 2020 as it moves towards a long-term ambition of zero emissions from road vehicles.
The European Commission has begun consulting on new targets that will come into force in the next decade, as part of a drive to lower carbon emissions and reduce pollution in cities. I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:

Read the full article at: http://on.ft.com/2agMYMS

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LOs Angeles 1.5 m sewage spill closes beaches

geles Times – (California) Sewage spill in L.A. grows to 1.5 million gallons and forces closure of beaches in Long Beach. Crews worked overnight July 18 – July 19 to contain a sewage spill that released at least 1.5 million gallons of sewage into the Los Angeles River July 18 after the top of a sewer pipe collapsed, prompting the closure of all beaches in Long Beach. Officials were testing ocean water samples to ensure there were no health risks to the public.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-sewage-spill-beaches-20160718- snap-story.html 

Le Monde.fr - Paris : trafic ferroviaire interrompu gare du Nord à cause d’un incendie

Le trafic ferroviaire grandes lignes et international au départ de la gare du Nord, à Paris, a été interrompu jusqu'à nouvel ordre, mardi 19 juillet au soir, en raison de l'incendie d'un transformateur électrique, a annoncé la SNCF.
« Nous invitons d'ores et déjà les voyageurs grandes lignes, c'est-à-dire des lignes TGV et internationales, à reporter leurs déplacements », a dit une porte-parole de la SNCF. L'Eurostar pour l'Angleterre et les Thalys pour la Belgique, les Pays-Bas et 
Le Monde.fr

Paris : trafic ferroviaire interrompu gare du Nord à cause d'un incendie

« Le courant électrique a été coupé à Paris Nord par sécurité à la suite d'un incendie assez important sur un transformateur électrique », a expliqué la SNCF, qui évoque « un acte de malveillance ».
| 19.07.2016 à 20:38

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2.8 M gallons of diluted wastewater released Georgia

Estimated 2.8 M gallons of diluted wastewater released into Butler Creek. The Augusta Utilities Department announced July 18 that approximately 2.8 million gallons of diluted wastewater was released into Butler Creek in Augusta, Georgia, following heavy rainfall July 16. Officials were working to design and implement projects to remove significant amounts of rainwater from the wastewater collection system.
Source: http://www.wrdw.com/content/news/Estimated-28-M-gallons-of-diluted- wastewater-released-into-Butler-Creek-387332041.html 

750.000 gallons Sewage Leak into Black River Maryland

uly 18, WBFF 45 Baltimore – (Maryland) More than 750,000 gallons of sewage leak into Back River following Saturday storm. More than 750,000 gallons of sewage leaked from the Essex Sewage Pumping Station into the Back River in Baltimore County, Maryland, July 16 after severe thunderstorms caused a power outage at the facility. Health officials were testing the water for bacteria at Rocky Point Beaches, Hart Miller Island, and Back River.
Source: http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/more-than-750000-gallons-of-sewage-leak- into-back-river-after-storm 

Southwest Airlines computer woes delay, cancel flights

Southwest Airlines had computer woes Wednesday, with its website down and flight delays around the country.
Flights were canceled at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, home to one of Southwest's busiest operations, and the airline recommended that travelers whose flights were still scheduled to allow extra time if they were flying Wednesday.

Zambia police tear gas opposition leader Mwamba's home - BBC News

Zambian police have fired tear gas and made 28 arrests during a raid on the home of opposition vice-presidential candidate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.
Officers were looking for people they allege had vandalised election posters and fled to the property.

Migrant crisis: 22 bodies found on Mediterranean boat

The bodies of 22 people have been found on a migrant dinghy in the Mediterranean, the aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has said.

SABC News - North Cape Galeshewe residents sick of sewage problem

Residents of Galeshewe, near Kimberley in the Northern Cape, are living with a terrible stench as raw sewage from blocked pipes flows down the streets and into their homes. 

The Dangerous Route of Ethiopian Migrants - The New Yorker

The other day, on the outskirts of Fantahero, a small village in the desert of northern Djibouti, Sebhatou Mellis was sheltering from a-hundred-and-four-degree heat in the shade of an acacia tree. Mellis, who is twenty-six and has the rangy build of a runner, was about a thousand miles away from his home, in the impoverished Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. There, he and his family had taken a government loan to help improve his farm, tried to invest it, and failed, he told me. "At the end, the money was finished, and all the people began to insult us and say that we took the money from the government and used it badly," he said.