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Monday, August 1, 2016

Turkey May back away refugee EU Deal - News from Al Jazeera

Turkey would have to back out of its agreement with the European Union (EU) to stem the flow of refugees and migrants into the bloc if the EU does not deliver visa-free travel for Turks, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said.

Malaysia: Controversial National Security Act launched Al Jazeera

The National Security Council Act was pushed through parliament in December by the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has faced calls to resign for more than a year over an alleged corruption scandal.

Solid Waste Management Challenges in GCC | EcoMENA

Among the GCC nations, United Arab Emirates has the highest municipal solid waste generation per capita of 2.2 kg (which is among the highest worldwide) followed closely by Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. The total urban waste generation in the GCC has been estimated to be around 150 million tons per annum, with MSW being the second largest stream after construction wastes.

Planting season weeks away, millions in drought-hit southern Africa need support – UN

28 July 2016 – Some 23 million people in southern Africa are in need of urgent support to be able to produce enough food to feed themselves and avoid being dependent on humanitarian assistance until mid-2018, the United Nations agricultural agency has warned.

La crise vénézuélienne entraîne Cuba dans la récession

Séoul accuse Pyongyang de piratage informatique

« Les mots de passe de 56 comptes ont été volés », a-t-il ajouté. Une enquête est toujours en cours afin de vérifier si des informations confidentielles ont été divulguées.

Au Zimbabwe, les « vets » et le président Mugabe divorcent

Le tribunal d'Harare n'a eu aucune clémence pour Douglas Mahiya. Vendredi 29 juillet, des poursuites ont été engagées contre le secrétaire à l'information de l'Association des vétérans de la guerre de libération nationale du Zimbabwe (ZNLWVA), accusé d'avoir « sapé ou insulté l'autorité du président ». Son arrestation avait été la conséquence d'une prise de position de l'organisation des vétérans, les « vets ».

South Africa Riots block Soweto Highway

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Metro Police have urged motorists not to use the Soweto Highway as protesting residents in Mzimhlophe have blocked the road with rocks and burning tyres.
It's understood the small group of residents are demanding better housing.
Police are currently on the scene.
Spokesperson Obed Sibasa says officials have the situation under control.

"The freeway is barricaded with rocks and burning tyres, however, the situation is under control and we hope to clear the scene shortly. Traffic is being diverted via to alternative roads."

South Africa Riots Demand Better Service

JOHANNESBURG – The situation in Midvaal remains tense this afternoon with hundreds of protesters regrouping near the Sicelo Informal Settlement.
Residents have been demonstrating in the area demanding better services, while some workers affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers Union have been on a go-slow since last week demanding better wages.

So Africa NUM union strike at power utility Eskom in August

JOHANNESBURG – The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said on Friday its members will go on strike at power utility Eskom, the sole provider of electricity in Africa's most industrialised country, from 8 August.
The NUM claims almost 15,000 members at Eskom, almost a third of the utility's 48,000 employees including contractors, drivers and electricians, but it was not clear what impact a strike would have on the firm's ability to keep the lights on.

Chavistas Demand Venezuelan Legislature Be Outlawed

CARACAS – A commission of Chavista lawmakers asked the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice, or TSJ, to declare illegal any act or decision of its legislature, the National Assembly, for having sworn in three indigenous opposition legislators who had been suspended for alleged electoral fraud.

“Water Train” Through Drought-Stricken Colombia

ALBANIA, Colombia – A "water train" travels regularly along the railway between La Mina and Puerto Bolivar, bringing the precious liquid to dozens of towns to help alleviate the drought besetting the residents of Colombia's Caribbean zone of Alta Guajira.

An initiative of mining company Cerrejon, which operates the largest open-pit coal mine in the world at La Mina, the train includes two tanker cars that can carry 89,000 liters (23,500 gallons) of potable water, which is distributed to residents of the desert zones through which it passes.

Sudan’s RSF arrests 600 migrants nea Libyan Egyptian border - Sudan Tribune

July 30, 2016 (EL-FASHER) - Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, (aka Hametti) said his fighters have arrested about 600 Ethiopian illegal migrants near Sudan's border with Libya and Egypt.
SRF field commander Mohamed Hamdan (Hametti) speaks in a press conference in Khartoum on Wednesday May 14, 2014 (ST) 
Last June, hundreds of RSF elements have been deployed in the remote desert of the Northern State shortly after complaint by the governor of drug and human trafficking by the criminal networks.

Can America's first floating wind farm shake off environmental concerns? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

The 765-megawatt project, proposed by Seattle-based Trident Winds, would sit about 25 miles off California's central coast, near the town of Cambria. If built, it will be larger than the 630-megawatt London Array off the coast of Kent, – the world's largest working offshore wind farm that began operating in 2013.

The Middle East is baking | The Economist

Unlike other parts of the world where climate change has led to milder winters, in the Middle East it has intensified summer extremes, repeated studies show. Even on the Middle East's cooler western edge, temperatures in Morocco reached 47°C.